Gathering Wedding Organizer at Harper Kuta Bali


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Bali as an island of love, is very interesting to be visited by tourists from various countries around the world. Marriage is an ancestral cultural heritage that is always dreamed of by everyone, Bali is a destination for people to marry from various other countries, as well as domestic.

This time the Harper Kuta Hotel held a wedding organizer gathering with the presenting of introducing a place to get married on the rooftop of the Harper Kuta Hotel.

With a simple but memorable concept with an exotic sunset view, this place is truly an attractive place to be married. Kuta beach which is famous in various countries, Harper Kuta Hotel inspires millennial young people who want to find a unique and exotic wedding venue of course.

The gathering was held in collaboration with various wedding organizers who were present at this event. Facilities include the luxury of a room for a romantic bride and a variety of dishes that inspire life.

Harper Kuta hotel located in legian is very easy to reach for anyone who is on vacation in Bali, and Kuta beach in particular.

Celebrate a wedding at Harper Kuta Hotel has its own impression and millennial lifestyle, various good responses from various wedding planers are proof of harmonious collaboration between Harper Kuta Hotel and various wedding planer in Bali today.

“Optimistic with the various advantages possessed by Harper Kuta Hotel, one of which is 85 percent room occupancy, at an affordable price that is flexible, able to understand the need to create a wedding.” said Sonny Juliono, as manager at Harper Hotel Kuta.

“Various sizes of rooms are quite spacious and luxurious, as well as a rooftop that can be decorated for weddings, as well as interesting dishes for a wedding celebration have been provided,and Rustic restaurant with its own nuances of comfort becomes an inspiration to longer in enjoying the atmosphere and delicious variety of existing food and drink.
Celebrate your wedding at Harper Kuta Hotel into a beautiful and exotic memory, “said Yuni Wiryanti, as Director of Sales at Harper Kuta Bali Hotel.bali inspirasi