Enjoying Crunchy and Tender Japanese Gyu Katsu in Trans Studio Mall Bali


Bali Inspirasi.Enjoying Crunchy and Tender Japanese Gyu Katsu in Bali
Bali, 17th January 2020 – For all Japanese culinary hunters especially Gyu Katsu lovers whose live
in Bali doesn’t need to worry, this authentic Japanese dish is exclusively presented to spoiling
your tongue at Gyu Katsu Nikaido Trans Studio Mall, Bali. Gyu Katsu biggest fan certainly familiar
heard this one Japanese Restaurant which is managed by a Nikaido Japanese couple from Tokyo,
Gyu Katsu Nikaido also both running and handled under PT. Trans Food and Beverages.

Carrying the concept of Modern Japanese and serving a variety of authentic Tokyo specialties,
Gyu Katsu Nikaido is ready to win the hearts of its customers. The unique taste and its tastyness,
simply deserves to describe the finest quality of the Gyu Katsu Nikaido itself. As the proof, all of
cooked Gyu Katsu Beef which exclusively crafted by Gyu Katsu Nikaido Chef whom has experience
from Japan was successfully craved by Gyu Katsu Nikaido lovers who had already tasted Gyu
Katsu Nikaido outlets located in Jakarta, Bandung and Bintaro.
Dian Kusumastuti as a Brand Manager of Gyu Katsu Nikaido stated “What’s different from Gyu
Katsu Nikaido with other Japanese Restaurants is Gyu Katsu Nikaido only using the best
processed Beef as Katsu’s as our main ingredient. The kind of meat that we are used is a type of
Angus Beef which from Australian Imported Beef, so it can certainly arouse the tastes of Gyu
Katsu connoisseurs, besides that the different cooking methods are also an added value for Gyu
Katsu Nikaido to be worth tasting by Gyu Katsu lovers. Our customers are invited directly to
processing the Gyu Katsu on a burning lava stone that came directly from Japan so that it can be
ascertained the level of its cooked according to customer tastes. But don’t worry, we also have
processed the meat first to get a soft and slightly cooked texture, before its presented to our
lovely customers”

In addition, our loyal customers doesn’t no need to worry. As our dedication, in the future Gyu
Katsu Nikaido will be present in the online platform service application and adding outlets in
various regions so, Japanese culinary hunters can easily enjoy it.

Gyu Katsu Nikaido- Gyu Katsu Nikaido is a Japanese restaurant that carries the authentic taste
of Tokyo which handled by PT. Trans Food & Beverages. Starting from 2018, Gyu Katsu Nikaido
has become an ideal restaurant to release a sense of longing for Tokyo’s culinary delights and
add culinary treasures to Japanese culinary connoisseurs. Gyu Katsu Nikaido will continue to
strive to provide the best service and quality for Tokyo culinary fans.bali inspirasi