Christmas Time in Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant Sanur Bali


Bali Inspirasi.Sanur-Bali-10th december 2019…Savory pizza and fresh drinks on the beach in Sanur that is always exotic to be enjoyed in the afternoon.


Enjoyed some drink for fresh time in Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant Sanur Bali-christmast time’s-

The days in this Christmas really inspire the presence of a Christmas tree assembled from used wine bottles.


Try recycle up for Christmast tree is inspire Christmast

As a concern for recycling waste bins, Sand Beach Bar & Resto is able to attract the attention of various groups who happen to walk by along the Sanur beach.


“Recycling rubbish and concern for beach cleanliness has been a lifestyle in Bali since time immemorial,” said Komang Swasta as manager in Sand Beach Bar Resto Sanur.


Togetherness in frendship

End of the year and Christmas seemed to be the same at this December, as the end of the year and various vacation spots were available in this complete island.

Christmas this year feels friendly with the universe, with a sense of peace to welcome the new year.


To said” have a nice christmast day at Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant Sanur Bali”

Congratulations to enjoy Christmas and New Year in Bali, Sanur beach as one of the tourist attractions that still looks authentic until now.bali inspirasi